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Singapore construction robot project settled in Foshan high tech Zone
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Foshan high tech Zone has taken a new step in the development of intelligent manufacturing industry. Recently, Professor Chen Yiming, School of mechanical and aerospace engineering, Nanyang University of technology, Singapore, signed a framework cooperation agreement with Foshan high tech Zone, Research Institute of Guangzhou University of technology and Hanhai holding group. The transforma robotics construction robot project from Singapore officially settled in Foshan high tech Zone, and a transformation of "robot + construction industry" cross-border integration has quietly started.
Intelligent manufacturing industry is an important starting point for Foshan high tech Zone to promote industrial transformation and upgrading. At present, China (Guangdong) robot integrated innovation center, which is vigorously built in Foshan high tech Zone, has introduced a series of heavy-duty robot projects such as Everett Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. and Jinkaida (Foshan) Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., and the industrial development has been accelerating.
Behind the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing industry, Foshan high tech Zone is focusing on the goal of striving for the top 20 national high tech zones. It will speed up the construction of major strategic platforms such as national innovative characteristic Park, Pearl River Delta independent innovation demonstration zone, and provide important support for Foshan City to build a global national manufacturing innovation center.
Building houses with robots to realize safe, efficient and economic construction
Building houses with robots is moving from the blueprint people imagined to the reality. According to the introduction of Foshan high tech Zone, transforma robotics company was founded in 2017. The project aims to lead the development of the world construction robot industry, with the team led by Chen Yiming, an internationally renowned robot expert.
Chen Yiming is now a tenured professor at Nanyang University of technology in Singapore. As a famous robot expert in the world, Chen Yiming has made an important contribution to modular reconfigurable robot system. Next, the construction robot innovation research and development and industrialization team will be committed to providing professional robot system solutions for all aspects of construction, integrating advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and data analysis, promoting the automation, digitization and intelligence of the construction industry, and achieving safe, efficient and economic construction.
At present, the team has completed the preliminary research and development work, obtained a number of patent technologies, and mastered a number of core technologies of construction robots. The partners include JTC group, Singapore Housing Development Bureau, Sany Heavy Industry, etc.
Intelligent manufacturing industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Foshan high tech Zone in recent years. In order to seize the commanding point of a new round of industrial competition, Foshan high tech Zone is actively building China (Guangdong) robot integrated innovation center, making intelligent manufacturing a clear coordinate for the industrial transformation and upgrading of Foshan high tech Zone.
Before entering Foshan hi tech Zone, the team of innovation, R & D and industrialization of construction robot had been investigating in China for nearly a year, and finally chose Foshan hi tech Zone. At present, Foshan high tech Zone has planned nearly 2000 square meters of R & D and production base for the settlement of the project, and plans to establish a docking market for Robotics Research Institute. The project will register a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Singapore parent company in Foshan high tech Zone as a strategic base in the Chinese market.
Chen Yiming said that the project will cooperate with Guangdong University of technology to establish a local team, promote the exchange and cooperation between local intelligent manufacturing talents and overseas top robotics experts through the joint training plan of Guangdong graduate students, quickly establish a local R & D and operation team, jointly promote the industrialization of construction robots, and provide a strong guarantee for the safety and green production of the domestic construction industry. Open up the domestic blank market.
Build the world's first construction robot research, production, sales and rental Highland
It is reported that construction is a typical labor-intensive industry, while the construction robot market is not mature, and market acceptance, operation mode and business mode need to be explored and innovated. According to the person in charge of Foshan hi tech Zone, the innovative R & D of construction robot and the R & D of construction robot products by the industrialization team have very obvious industrialization opportunities and competitive advantages.
In the future, the innovation, R & D and industrialization team of construction robot will start the recruitment of talents, recruit senior robot engineers, further expand the team, enrich the team's strength, gather excellent talents through policies and projects, attract more high-quality resources through talents, so as to create a first-class innovation driving force and provide guarantee for the innovation and R & D of project products.
In the next three years, the team plans to launch two schemes of product sales and service leasing to the construction market. The former focuses on domestic and foreign construction contractors and construction machinery rental enterprises, with the whole machine as the product for sale, and the customer organizes the business operation and assumes the sole responsibility for the profits and losses; the latter will rely on the self built construction contract service system and channels, and the business operation will be organized by the company registered by the team.
In addition, the team also plans to focus on the industrialization of robot iterative optimization, production commissioning, local application testing and demonstration promotion, and lay out the business of sales leasing and application training of construction robots, striving to build the world's first strategic highland integrating research, production, marketing and leasing of construction robots within ten years, and promote the upgrading of upstream and downstream robot enterprises in the region. Transformation.
The head of Foshan hi tech Zone said that the settlement of the construction robot project will attract more similar or upstream and downstream robot industry teams and projects. At the same time, the joint training plan of the project and Nanyang University of technology is conducive to strengthening the communication channels between local high-end robot talents and overseas top robot experts, and introducing more top industry talents for Foshan high tech Zone.
Next, Foshan hi tech Industrial Development Zone will renovate and build two old factories beside the west line of the first ring road of Foshan.

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