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Innovation and persistence: how to iterate in XCMG
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Building core management ability -- from changing to seeking change, exploring the way of sustainable development.
If technological innovation is to improve quality, then management innovation is to increase efficiency. With the development of national economy, the reform of economic system and the progress of technology, after 1999, XCMG's management ability experienced the development process from "response" to "seeking change" in the continuous upgrading and transformation, which played a very important role in promoting and supporting the development of enterprises.
XCMG always adheres to the drive of innovation and attaches great importance to the practice of management innovation strategically. Through innovation in marketing management, information management, production management, quality management, organization and human resource management, XCMG emerges from provincial and national projects every year and has made remarkable achievements. It has won the first class of national enterprise management modernization innovation achievements seven times. Awards.
This year, XCMG further improved, adjusted and improved its strategic plan for the 13th five year plan, studied the scale of main business income and main business income of construction machinery, improved the quality and efficiency level of international advanced benchmark, comprehensively upgraded new thinking, new practice and new performance, and promoted the existing quality, effective, scale and sustainable "three have one can" high-quality development of XCMG.
The newly revised 13th five year strategic planning outline of XCMG proposes to explore engineering technology, provide solutions for global engineering construction and sustainable development, and become a world-class enterprise with global trust and unique value creativity. At the end of the 13th five year plan, we will strive to comprehensively promote the development of the manufacturing industry with the main industry of construction machinery as the core, build the construction machinery and core parts into the leading industry, focus on building heavy truck, environmental industry and mining machinery, implement the five new industries of information technology, military civilian integration, resource recycling, industry finance integration and service-oriented manufacturing, and enter the global industry in 2019 respectively. The top five in the industry and the top three in the world in 2024.
The new planning layout has opened a new strategic space for XCMG's development. Since 2018, XCMG has accelerated the development and layout of new industries, new formats and new bases. XCMG Hubei environmental protection technology Co., Ltd. was established; Kenya regional spare parts center, the first overseas direct regional spare parts center, was launched in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya; XCMG information company landed on the new third board, becoming the first listed industrial Internet platform company in China; mining machinery industry base and fire equipment industry manufacturing base project laid the foundation. The overseas industrial layout is rooted, with a total investment of 350 million US dollars. The Brazilian factory takes the largest order from the government and the military, and becomes the mainstream brand of Brazilian construction machinery. The newly established cross-border e-commerce industry has doubled continuously, creating greater overseas growth space and a new international platform. With more than 3000 foreign employees, XCMG has formed a global layout of five overseas manufacturing bases and 10 kd factories, which will accelerate the realization of the strategic goal of increasing the proportion of international revenue to 50%.
Innovation, three supports to promote innovation fast iteration of XCMG
"XCMG has a glorious history and a better future. China's economy has changed from high-speed growth to high-quality development, which is a hurdle that must be overcome. Every industry and every enterprise should firmly move forward in this direction. "
With the coming of the third industrial revolution and the reshaping of the market pattern, how can old manufacturing enterprises seize the opportunity to make XCMG's brand shine and iterate rapidly?
Informatization supports collaborative innovation of value chain
On March 4, 2018, the great power heavy equipment II: intelligent manufacturing pioneer was broadcasted on CCTV finance and economics channel. As the pioneer of traditional industry intelligent manufacturing, XCMG has a vast and clean production site, giant giant giant giant's product group, and efficient intelligent production line... The infinite charm of intelligent manufacturing is amazing.
The turntable intelligent production line with a length of 100 meters, an annual running mileage of 1933 kilometers, a daily output of 40 sets and a docking accuracy of 0.01 degrees is laid in the structural workshop of XCMG hoisting machinery business department. 10 intelligent welding robots stand in the front of the intelligent workshop and are busy in an orderly manner. After 10 years of process accumulation, 2 years of R & D and manufacturing, and 4 months of hard construction, the first large-scale intelligent welding production line of crane industry in the world has been fully connected and put into operation. The dexterous robot moves smoothly and skillfully, and its whole body is radiant, which makes the early spring workshop full of the vitality of intelligent manufacturing.
After 10 years, XCMG has accumulated a large number of pre deformation control process data, and solved the problems of low intelligent welding rate, more occupied personnel and repeated overturning after welding of turntable structure parts by optimizing the turntable welding process, improving the structural welding process, developing intelligent production lines for welding and machining, and the research and development design of intelligent equipment for inspection and calibration. The intelligent welding rate of turntable is 72%, automatic detection and shape correction. The intelligent welding with full sequence automation, quick response and balanced production beat ensures the production efficiency, improves the production quality and adds a bright color to the production in the new year.
The intelligent manufacturing base for large tonnage loaders, which is located in the industry's intelligent manufacturing model factory, is the only enterprise in China to realize the R & D and intelligent manufacturing of large tonnage patented loaders, and the largest single joint plant in Asia. Its core is "digitalization, networking and intelligence", realizing five links of product life cycle design, production, logistics, sales and service. Intelligent manufacturing of section.
Since 1985, it has experienced the start of ice breaking in 1985, rapid development in 1998, overall improvement in 2008, integration of industrialization and industrialization in 2012, and industry in 2014.

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